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Lot Clearing Company Near Farmington Hills, MI

Transform your property with professional lot clearing services from Farmington Hills Tree Pros.

Our experienced team specializes in safely and efficiently clearing land to prepare building sites, create usable yard space, or clear overgrown areas.

Over time, vacant lots and backyards become overrun with trees, bushes, vines, and weeds.

Not only does this unattractive overgrowth lower your property value, but it also poses safety issues like pest infestations, falling tree limbs, and fire hazards.

Attempting DIY lot clearing is backbreaking work. It requires hauling away green waste, stump grinding equipment, and debris removal.

Without the proper tools and training, you risk injury, damage to your home, or harming the surrounding environment.

Our lot-clearing contractors have the expertise to tackle even the most overgrown land. We use commercial-grade equipment to swiftly and safely remove trees, shrubs, stumps, and brush.

We recycle debris when possible and ensure your property is left clean and pristine. Free Quote!

Benefits of our lot clearing service include:

  • Creating usable yard space for landscaping, play areas, events, etc.
  • Preparing vacant land for new construction.
  • Improving aesthetics by removing unsightly overgrowth.
  • Reducing risks from falling trees/limbs, fires, termites, and mosquitoes.
  • Improving views and increasing natural sunlight on your property.
  • Increasing accessibility, safety and enjoyment of your exterior space.
  • Protecting the surrounding ecosystem by proper clearing methods.

No lot-clearing project is too large or small for our professionals. Our goal is to open up your outdoor space, so you can better utilize your entire property for years to come.

Contact us today for a customized lot clearing estimate!

Process We Follow for Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is a complex process that requires proper planning, safety protocols, and disposal methods. Here is a breakdown of how we expertly clears land:

Initial Property Assessment

  • We walk the property and note terrain, access points, soil conditions and other factors that impact the project.
  • Identify protected trees/plants to remain and vegetation to be removed.
  • Look for potential hazards like power lines, structures, or wetlands in the clearing area.
  • Decide on equipment access points and debris hauling routes.

This detailed assessment is key for an efficient, safe clearing plan tailored to your unique property.

Preparing the Work Area

  • Arrange for underground utility marking if needed to avoid damage.
  • Install temporary safety fences around protected trees or structures if necessary.
  • Plan crew parking areas and equipment/materials staging areas.

Proper preparation minimizes property damage and keeps workers safe during tree removal and stump grinding.

Tree and Stump Removal

  • Small trees/shrubs are removed manually with chainsaws, brush cutters, pruners, etc.
  • Large trees are taken down section-by-section by professional arborists.
  • Stumps are ground below grade using commercial-grade stump grinders.
  • Severed roots are removed and holes backfilled with topsoil.

Stump removal is essential to clear land for new construction, pools, etc. Grinding them below grade prevents regrowth.

Debris Removal and Cleanup

  • Downed trees and vegetation are fed into our commercial-grade wood chipper.
  • Chips and mulch are hauled away for recycling or reuse.
  • Any remaining debris is removed from the property and disposed of properly.
  • Once finished, we perform a final property cleanup to leave the area pristine.

Proper debris disposal keeps your lot clear and ensures we limit environmental impact.

Optional Restoration Services

  • If desired, we can provide additional land clearing services like:
  • Grading and leveling
  • Erosion control
  • Installation of topsoil, sod, or hydroseeding

These services restore cleared land for new construction, lawns, or landscaping.

Our goal is to leave your property beautifully cleared and ready to use. We handle lot clearing from start to finish so you can enjoy your revitalized yard.

Cost of Lot Clearing in Farmington Hills, MI

The cost of professional lot clearing depends on several factors:

  • Square footage of the area being cleared
  • Amount and size of trees, stumps, and vegetation being removed
  • Accessibility of the lot and debris removal requirements
  • Additional prep work or restoration services needed

To provide an accurate price quote, our arborists need to see your property in person to assess the full scope of work. Lot clearing costs typically range from $2,000 for a small backyard up to $15,000+ for clearing multiple acres.

Here are some examples of average lot clearing costs:

  • 1/4 acre lot: $2,500 – $4,000
  • 1/2 acre lot: $4,000 – $7,000
  • 1 acre lot: $7,000 – $12,000
  • 5+ acre lot: $15,000+

Keep in mind that stump grinding/removal will add $100 – $200 per stump to these estimates.

We always provide upfront, flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees. Financing options are available for larger projects.

Let our experts revitalize your property with a professionally cleared lot designed just for your needs and budget. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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FAQs About Lot Clearing in Farmington Hills, Michigan

What type of vegetation do you remove during lot clearing?

We remove all trees, bushes, shrubs, vines and weeds during lot clearing. This includes living and dead trees. We can preserve select trees if desired.

Do you provide tree removal in addition to lot clearing?

Yes, hazard tree removal is often part of the lot clearing process. We safely remove and dispose of all trees in the clearing area.

Can you clear a lot with access challenges or steep terrain?

Our team has experience clearing all types of lots. We use equipment that can access challenging terrain to clear land on hills, wetlands, etc.

How long does a typical lot clearing project take?

Most residential clearing takes 1-3 days depending on the lot size. Larger commercial projects may take several weeks. We’ll provide a timeframe estimate after assessing your property.

Do I need any permits for lot clearing?

In some cases permits are required, especially if protected trees are being removed. We handle the permit process for you and comply with all regulations.

Should I be present during the lot clearing work?

Your presence is not required, but we welcome you to observe if desired. For safety reasons, guests must remain a distance from the work zone.

What equipment do you use to clear land?

We use chainsaws, brush cutters, stump grinders, chippers, skid steers, excavators and other commercial equipment to efficiently clear lots.

How do you dispose of the trees, stumps and debris?

We recycle plant debris into mulch when possible. Any remaining waste is disposed of properly at a licensed facility. You’re left with a clean lot.

Should I level or grade the land after clearing?

It’s optional but recommended. We can provide grading, drainage and erosion control to finish cleared land for building, landscaping, etc.

Do you offer financing options for large lot clearing jobs?

Yes, we offer financing plans to help spread out the cost for customers. Contact us to learn more about flexible payment options.

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