Tree trimming seems to be a common task that can be handled by anyone. Actually, it involves several trimming tips to know so that the trees are trimmed and it retains its shape. Having the right equipment and knowledge is mandatory before you wish to eliminate some dead branches or consider tree trimming before the rainy season to avoid accidents.

There are many tree trimming techniques and if you wish to do it on your own, you must equip yourself with the required basics, so that you and the environment are safe. Alternatively, there is always a safe option and that is to hire a professional.

Reasons for Tree Trimming
Generally, tree trimming is done for reasons such as aesthetics, health or safety:

Aesthetics – Trimming and pruning is done to give a shape to a tree, but remember to avoid giving unnatural shape to a tree. This seriously damages the tree.
Health- Trimming is done to save a tree from getting infected. This is done such that the branches and limbs are pruned. The aim is to improve airflow and the crossing branches are trimmed so that they do not unexpectedly fall and cause accidents during heavy rains or wind.
Safety – Broken or dead limbs and branches have all the chances to fall at any time and this is indeed a serious hazard. In case the tree branches obstruct your vision, it indicates it is high time to be trimmed. The tree branches and limbs may grow very close to the electrical lines at times and this is equally dangerous during the rainy season. If you notice one such, contact the utility company and resolve the issue immediately.

General Tips on Tree Trimming

Trimming trees in its dormant season is always the best option. Technically, you can even prune at any time, but it is recommended and is the best to do during the dormant season.

Be careful about the branch size that you intend removing. In case, it is less than five centimeters, removing it is not difficult and it absolutely fine. However, if it is around five and 10 centimeters diameter, avoid trimming it. Likewise, if it is really more than 10 centimeters, you should consider trimming only if your reason is really strong and valid.

Trimming of tree branches that are v-shaped, weak and narrow at angles is recommended. Retain the branches that are in U-shape and have strong branches in angles.

Trimming of tree lateral branches is recommended if they are not in the diameter of one-half and three -quarters at the stem attachment point. Pruning of branches is alright as they are young. Avoid trimming branches that are too long or close.

Tree trimming cost

Tree trimming helps to remove the broken or dead limbs and in this way, the tree remains healthy and during heavy rains, it does not break loose and fall causing accidents. The tree trimming cost depends on hiring a professional, the length of the tree limb, if there are live wires passingif the tree is infected or damaged and so on.

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