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Plant Health Care Near Farmington Hills, MI

Welcome to Tree Pros, your local experts in plant health care in Farmington Hills and surrounding areas.

Keeping your trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants healthy is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons but for the overall health of your property.

Our arborists and plant health experts have the knowledge and tools to thoroughly assess your landscape, diagnose any problems, and recommend the best treatments to restore and maintain the vigor of your vegetation.

We take a proactive approach focused on prevention because we know that healthy plants are more resistant to damage from insects, diseases, and extreme weather.

From soil analysis and fertilization to pest and disease control, our plant health care services use the most environmentally responsible solutions available.

We want what’s best for the long-term health of your plants and your trusted tree experts want your family’s enjoyment of your landscape.

Don’t wait until you notice signs of distress in your trees and shrubs. Be proactive about plant health care and partner with the tree care professionals.

We make it simple and convenient by handling all aspects of maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape vegetation. Contact us today for your free consultation!

Process We Follow for Plant Health Care

Comprehensive Site Inspection and Assessment

The first step in our plant health care process is a detailed inspection of your entire landscape by one of our ISA Certified Arborists. We’ll evaluate the condition of all your trees, shrubs, flower beds, and other plantings. This allows us to accurately diagnose any existing problems and identify conditions that could lead to future trouble.

For trees, we’ll check factors like overall growth rate, leaf color/size, twig growth, and the condition of the root collar. We’ll also look for signs of pest infestation, nutrient deficiencies, deadwood, and other issues. Shrubs and other plants are checked for disease, nutrient deficiencies, adequate moisture, and anything else impacting their vigor.

Customized Plant Health Care Plan

After thoroughly inspecting your landscape and plants, we’ll develop a tailored plant healthcare plan designed specifically for your property. This written plan will outline our recommendations for boosting the health and longevity of your vegetation.

Our recommendations are based on environmentally responsible practices focused on prevention, not reactive solutions. We’ll utilize organic products and natural solutions whenever possible. The goal is to address underlying causes of plant health issues, not just treat the symptoms.

Soil Testing and Fertilization

One of the most important elements of plant health is the condition of your soil. We’ll take soil samples from around your landscape and submit them for laboratory analysis. This testing will reveal the precise nutrient content and pH level of your soil so we can determine any amendments needed.

Proper fertilization based on your soil’s needs is key for promoting robust vegetation. We’ll apply a customized blend of natural organic fertilizers using methods that nourish plant roots without harming the soil. Targeted fertilization encourages strong root systems, drought tolerance, and natural disease resistance.

Pest and Disease Control

Detecting and controlling pests and diseases before they get out of hand is a critical part of plant health care. We’ll thoroughly inspect your plants for any signs of insect infestation, presence of pathogens, or damage from these problems. Our arborists will recognize even subtle symptoms before they worsen.

If pests or diseases are present, we’ll recommended effective treatments that are as gentle as possible on your plants and the surrounding environment. From horticultural oils and insecticidal soaps to beneficial nematodes and fungi, we utilize natural solutions whenever feasible. We reserve stronger products for severe cases where organic options are insufficient.

Pruning and Care Practices

Proper pruning and care practices are necessary to maintain plant health over the long run. We’ll determine any pruning or trimming needed to remove deadwood, improve structure, reduce disease risks, and contain growth. Precision pruning stimulates new growth and enhances the health of tree canopies and shrub beds.

Our arborists will also advise you on best practices for watering, mulching, and other general care guidelines tailored to the plants on your property. Consistent care appropriate for each species and your site’s conditions prevents many common problems. We want to foster sustainable landscapes that thrive with minimal intervention.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

The final component of our plant healthcare services is ongoing monitoring and maintenance to sustain a high level of vigor. We’ll perform follow-up assessments and treatments throughout the growing season as needed based on your custom plan. Brief maintenance visits allow us to evaluate your landscape’s evolving needs and adjust our recommendations accordingly.

We want to optimize care for new growth and seasonal changes in your plants. You can depend on us to be your continuing plant health partners year after year. Consistency is key for building the strongest natural defenses against insects, diseases, drought, and anything else that may threaten your landscape.

Our Plant Health Care Services In Farmington Hills, Michigan

Cost of Plant Health Care in Farmington Hills, MI

The cost of our plant health care services depends on the size of your property, the number of trees and other plants, and the extent of diagnostics and treatments required. We’ll provide a free estimate outlining the investment needed to implement your customized plant healthcare plan.

Some elements that factor into the cost include:

  • Initial inspection/consultation fees.
  • Soil analysis from laboratory tests.
  • Fertilization treatments.
  • Pest/disease control applications.
  • Follow-up visits for monitoring.
  • Additional services like pruning.

While this represents an ongoing investment, professional plant health care pays for itself many times over by avoiding expensive solutions for advanced problems and plant losses. Healthy plants increase your property value too. We offer flexible options to make our services easily affordable.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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Our ISA-certified arborists use industry best practices to ensure safe, high-quality tree care.

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Our flexible scheduling makes it easy to book tree services when it’s convenient for you.

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We provide free estimates and consultations for all new customers.

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Excellent service and fair pricing result in happy customers. See our 5-star reviews.

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As a local company, we offer very reasonable rates on all tree services.

FAQs About Plant Health Care in Farmington Hills, Michigan

How often should full plant health inspections be performed?

Ideally, a comprehensive landscape inspection and evaluation should be performed during each season – spring, summer, fall, and winter. Many problems are easier to spot at certain times of year based on plant growth cycles. Checking all plants each season allows issues to be caught early before spreading.

What are signs that my plants need help from professionals?

Indications your vegetation needs expert plant health care include leaves wilting or yellowing, stunted growth, thinning foliage, excessive deadwood, mushrooms at base of trees, and visible signs of pest infestation. Don’t wait until symptoms worsen. Early intervention when you first notice subtle changes leads to the best results.

How soon before and after fertilization should I water my plants?

Water your plants deeply 1-2 days before fertilization to prepare the soil. After applying fertilizer, water lightly daily for 3 days to help nutrients penetrate the root zone then resume your normal schedule. Proper watering enhances fertilizer absorption so roots fully benefit.

Will fertilization hurt my pets that use my yard?

We only apply natural organic fertilizers that break down rapidly into compounds safe for kids and pets. We avoid formulations containing harsh chemicals. When used properly per label directions, our fertilizers pose no toxicity threats to pets using your lawn and landscape.

What organic options do you use for pest and disease control?

Some organic solutions we utilize include neem oil, insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils, beneficial insects and nematodes, BT (bacillus thuringiensis) products, sulfur and copper formulations, compost teas, and plant-derived compounds. We always look for the safest effective treatment.

How soon after pesticide treatment can my family use the yard safely?

Required restricted entry intervals will be explained after treatments and posted with signs as needed. We minimize use of products requiring lengthy re-entry periods. Most organic options have no re-entry restrictions when dried. We focus on responsible materials safe for families.

I see mushrooms growing under my trees – is this harmful?

Mushrooms at the base of trees often indicate a root fungus or decay. While not always a major threat on its own, fungal fruiting structures suggest problems lurking below ground requiring diagnosis. Don’t ignore mushrooms – have us inspect and test for root issues.

How often should trees and shrubs be pruned?

Most trees and shrubs only need occasional, targeted pruning for health versus shaping them. We advise pruning selectively for specific purposes like removing deadwood. Annual pruning can cause harm. Specific pruning needs are unique for each plant and situation.

What are the benefits of professional plant health care?

Proactive care from experts helps plants better withstand pests, diseases, weather extremes, and other stresses. We diagnose problems early, before costly damage occurs. It promotes beauty, property values, environmental quality, and safety by sustaining plant vigor naturally.

Why should I choose Farmington Hills Tree Pros?

Our arborists have advanced certifications specific to plant health care. We take a holistic, soil to canopy approach focused on sustainability using solutions that are responsibly sourced and environmentally sound. Your plants’ and family’s safety is our top priority.

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This is the best tree service I have ever used! They were able to save a tree I thought was a goner. Their arborists really know what they are doing. The prices are very fair too.
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I highly recommend this tree service company. They pruned and shaped my trees and did an excellent job. They were on time, worked efficiently, and left my yard looking great. 
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I used this tree service for routine pruning and maintenance on the trees on my commercial property. They did high quality work on schedule and on budget. I will continue to use them.
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