Stump grinding is one of the services that we offer at Tree Service Farmington Hills Michigan. If you have trees that were removed from your property or some rotting stumps, you need to get rid of them. This is one of the most effective ways to reclaim your landscape. Tree stumps take up essential space that can be used for other purposes. When you hire us to remove the stumps, we will recommend planting flowers, grass or any other plants that you may desire.

We have invested in modern grinders that will make it much easier to eliminate the stumps for good. Even the stumps that appear to be in tricky positions, we will be able to maneuver and access them using our machinery. Our machines are powerful and this will see to it that we are able to complete the task within a very short period of time. Get in touch with our customer service experts today for a free quote on stump grinding.

Why Remove Tree Stumps?

One of the obvious reasons why you need to get rid of the stumps is to preserve your aesthetics. When you have old and rotting tree stumps in your yard, they will detract the beauty of your landscape. In addition to this, stumps can be hazardous as they can trip your children and pets, while they are playing. Having to navigate through the stumps, when mowing the lawn can also be annoying and as such, you may need to consider having them removed.

The common logic from most tree companies is that the stumps will decay and die naturally. However, we do not recommend this, as they tend to be a habitat for fungi and mold. This causes diseases and attracts pests, which may be spread to the other plants that you have on your property.

Stump Grinding Process

When it comes to stump grinding, we have the best crew, with great skills and experience. After inspecting the stumps, they will determine which approach to use and the specific tools required. We will grind the stump into small wood chips and take it all the way below the ground level. You can suggest how deep you would want it to go. When we finish grinding the stump, we will fill the hole with mulch so as to allow it to decompose. This can be used on other plants and eventually, the hole can be filled up with soil and extend your landscape. Planting grass is highly recommended.

Call Us Today

We are a full-fledged tree service company and offer a wide range of services. When you contact us to remove your trees, we will go the whole way and get rid of the stumps as well. Our objective is to ensure that your yard remains appealing and beautiful. We are fast and effective, but the size of the stump is what will determine how long we take to complete the task. Call us today to help you deal with the nagging stumps once and for all.