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Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Services Near Farmington Hills, MI

Need a dangerous, damaged, or large tree removed from your property? Crane-assisted tree removal is the safest and most efficient way to take down big trees or trees in risky locations.

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists and tree removal specialists has the skills, equipment, and experience to perform crane tree removals quickly and safely.

Unlike basic tree cutting, crane removal allows our arborists to lower large sections of the tree down in a controlled manner.

This minimizes damage to your home, landscaping, power lines, and other property. It also reduces the risk of injury to workers and bystanders compared to felling the whole tree at once.

We use truck-mounted cranes that can reach up to 70 feet high and lift several tons. The crane arm gives us precision when removing tree sections and limbs next to buildings or other structures.

We also utilize rigging techniques like using slings and pulleys to carefully direct pieces where we want them to land.

Our tree service pros will conduct a thorough inspection and assessment beforehand to plan the safest tree removal strategy.

We evaluate tree height, canopy size, trunk measurements, lean, proximity to obstacles, and health. This enables us to determine equipment needs, crane positioning, rigging techniques, and the order and size of cuts to make.

During the tree removal, we may utilize additional techniques like crown reduction to lighten the top of the tree first.

Climbing arborists may be sent up into the canopy to rig and cut limbs before the crane lowers them. The crane allows greater control over where limbs fall compared to uncontrolled limb dropping.

Large logs and debris are neatly hauled away by our team afterward. We use wood chippers on site to recycle branches.

Our crane removal process leaves your property clean, safe, and ready for you to begin enjoying your newly opened up yard!

Proper planning is critical for safe, efficient crane-assisted tree removal. Call the team of ours today for professional crane removal services!

Process We Follow for Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

Initial Consultation and Planning

The first step of every crane removal we perform is a thorough consultation and planning process. One of our ISA Certified Arborists will come out to inspect the tree and evaluate your property. We assess:

  • Tree height, canopy spread, and trunk measurements
  • Tree lean and proximity to structures, power lines, and other obstacles
  • Tree health and structural defects like cracks, decay, and deadwood
  • Landscape elements like gardens, patios, decks, etc. that could be impacted
  • Access points for equipment and debris hauling
  • Utility lines either above ground or underground to avoid
  • Any other considerations unique to the site like low-hanging eaves

With this data, we determine the safest and most efficient techniques for rigging, cutting, and lowering the tree with the crane. We utilize core arboricultural skills like rigging, lowering, and dismantling the tree in sections. This controlled process is far safer than felling a large tree all at once.

We also decide which direction to fall the trunk if fully removing the tree. The room, slope, and absence of hazards are considered to fell it safely. Our plan ensures protection of property, utilities, plantings, and people while conducting the removal efficiently.

Equipment and Crew Arrival

On removal day, our team will show up equipped to tackle the job. Our truck-mounted crane has a reach of up to 75 feet and capacity to lower multi-ton branches safely. A large commercial wood chipper grinds up debris for removal. Other standard equipment includes:

  • Chainsaws, handsaws, rigging ropes, and other removal tools
  • Safety gear like harnesses, helmets, gloves, and eye protection
  • Traffic control devices like cones and signs to secure the work zone
  • Dump trucks and flatbed trucks for hauling wood and debris

Our crew will also arrive dressed professionally in company attire. We know it’s your home so we treat it with respect and work carefully around plantings and yard features. Signs are placed warning others to keep a safe distance during removal.

Rigging and Canopy Dismantling

The tree removal begins with rigging branches and dismantling the canopy systematically. Our arborists ascend into the tree to set rigging lines and make strategic cuts to limbs. The crane eases the tension of the rigging system and lowers limbs slowly under control.

Sections of the canopy are strategically lowered starting higher up and working down methodically. This is far safer than uncontrolled limb dropping which can damage property. We gradually lighten the tree’s crown as we work down towards the trunk.

Ground crew feeds branches into the wood chipper to process debris efficiently. Chips get recycled for landscaping mulch. Logs are set aside for you to keep or hauled away as requested. We take care to protect lawns, gardens, and landscape features when lowering limb sections.

Trunk Removal

Once the majority of the canopy is lowered safely, it’s time to fell the main trunk. If space and site conditions allow, we use the crane to slowly guide and lower it to the ground as well. Our arborist sets rigging lines to control the direction of the fall.

If conditions won’t allow the full trunk to be lowered, we methodically dismantle it in sections starting from the top. Crane assistance gives our crew great control over the cuts and direction of falls. We protect your property every step.

Stump removal or grinding services can be performed once the tree is taken down. We remove all wood and debris from your property and do a final sweep for cleanup. Your property is left looking neat and tidy, ready for you to begin enjoying the benefits!

Why Our Crane Removals Are Safer

  • Gives total control over limbs to prevent uncontrolled falling or damage
  • Allows removal of tall or extremely hazardous trees safely
  • Reduces risk of property damage, injury, and utility line disruption
  • Rigging lowers branches more gently than free falling
  • We can access and lower whole limbs versus cutting in sections
  • Strategic dismantling lightens tree gradually versus all at once
  • Equipment reach enables removal of trees in tight spots
  • Tree can be lowered into open areas away from risks

Let our team handle your trickiest tree removal needs safely and efficiently using crane assistance! Proper training, equipment, and experience are critical.

Cost of Crane-Assisted Tree Removal in Farmington Hills, MI

The cost of crane-assisted tree removal depends on a few factors:

  • Tree size – Height, trunk diameter, and canopy density impact time and equipment needed. Large, dense trees cost more.
  • Location – Trees close to buildings, power lines, or other risks require more precautions. Complex removals cost more.
  • Site access – Tight properties or limited access for trucks/crane require more work.
  • Stump removal – Grinding the stump after felling the tree adds cost.
  • Debris disposal – Transporting logs and chips offsite versus leaving them adds cost.

Average price range for crane removal is $2,500 – $5,000 depending on the tree and site specifics. Very large tree removals can cost $5,000 to $10,000 or more when extra equipment and time are required.

We provide free estimates and include true per-hour pricing with no hidden fees. Let our arborists evaluate your tree and recommend the safest removal options. Call us today to schedule an assessment of your crane removal needs!

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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FAQs About Crane-Assisted Tree Removal in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Why choose crane removal instead of standard tree cutting?

Cranes allow removal of tall, massive, or hazardous trees much more safely by dismantling them versus felling in one piece. It also gives us total control to lower pieces carefully.

Is crane removal necessary for my tree or is it overkill?

If your tree is near structures, power lines, or other risks then crane assistance greatly minimizes dangers. Arborists can evaluate whether it’s recommended.

How long does a typical crane removal take?

Between setup, rigging, dismantling, and cleanup it typically takes 4-8 hours depending on tree size. Larger removals may take multiple days.

Will you grind the stump too or just take down the tree?

We can remove the stump by grinding it down an additional 8-12 inches below grade. This is priced separately from the crane removal.

Do I need to be home or move my vehicles during the removal?

We ask clients to stay offsite during the work for safety, and to provide us space around the tree. Vehicles should be moved from the immediate area.

How do you access my backyard or tight spaces?

Our truck cranes are very maneuverable and can position in surprisingly small areas. Trees near houses may require climbing rigging.

Are debris and logs all taken away afterwards?

Yes we remove all wood debris when we complete the job and do a final sweep. Logs can be left for you per request.

What are signs I need a crane for a tree versus normal removal?

A crane is needed if the tree has risk factors like proximity to buildings, is very tall or large, or is in a confined area.

Should I turn off my automatic sprinklers before the removal?

Yes we advise shutting off sprinkler systems while we work to prevent damage and for your safety in case branches fall on the lines.

Will the crane damage my lawn or irrigation system?

We take precautions like plywood pads to prevent lawn and subsurface damage during crane setup and use. But risks exist.

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