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Tree Pruning Service Near Farmington Hills, MI

Proper tree pruning is essential for the health and aesthetic appeal of trees. Overgrown trees can pose safety hazards, obstruct views and sunlight, and even damage your home’s foundation.

Our experienced arborists take great care when pruning trees on your property.

We follow industry standards and best practices to encourage healthy growth without compromising the natural shape and beauty of your trees.

With our detailed tree pruning service, we, as a tree service contractor in Farmington Hills, Michigan, can help your trees thrive for years to come.

Pruning encourages new growth, creates optimal branch structure, removes dead or diseased limbs, and opens up your landscape.

We determine the best time to prune your specific tree species and only use sharp, sterilized tools to make clean cuts that won’t damage the tree.

Expert pruning also helps your trees better withstand major weather events in Michigan like heavy snow, high winds, ice storms, and more.

In addition to technique, timing is also key for tree pruning. We know when to prune in each season to get the desired results without inadvertently harming your trees.

Proper pruning encourages more flowers and fruit when done just before growth starts in early spring. For deciduous trees, we can prune when the tree is dormant in winter to shape without losing sap or energy.

Specific pruning methods like crown reduction, crown cleaning, and crown thinning allow us to carefully achieve your goals, whether it’s simply trimming off dead branches or doing major corrective work on overgrown trees.

You can trust your trees are in qualified, caring hands. Contact us today to schedule comprehensive tree pruning services and keep your trees healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Process We Follow for Tree Pruning

Inspection and Planning

  • We start every pruning job with a careful inspection of your trees. Our ISA Certified Arborists check for signs of disease, damage, and decay to determine what type of pruning is needed. They assess safety issues, clearance for buildings/vehicles, landscape objectives, and growth patterns. We also discuss your specific goals for the tree pruning.
  • Comprehensive notes are taken on the tree’s condition, measurements, growth tendencies and other factors that inform the pruning plan. We may even use aerial inspection for tall trees or those that are difficult to access from the ground.
  • A customized pruning plan is then developed to achieve your goals, whether it’s complete crown reduction and reshaping or simply removing crossed, damaged or dead branches. The plan considers the tree’s health, age, species, and optimal times/methods to prune.
  • We communicate our detailed plan and answer any questions you have before work begins. Safety is also discussed and the work area prepared accordingly.

Pruning Methods and Techniques

  • Where and how much to prune is vitally important. Our arborists use specific techniques based on each tree’s needs:
  • Crown cleaning removes dead, dying, diseased or broken branches to reduce hazards and encourage new growth.
  • Crown thinning strategically removes smaller branches to increase air flow and light penetration. This improves the tree’s structure and health over time.
  • Crown raising removes lower branches to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles, lines of sight, etc.
  • Crown reduction decreases the height and/or spread of overgrown trees by selective branch removal. This is done in stages to maintain natural form.
  • Vista pruning selectively removes branches to open up views of your landscape while maintaining the tree’s shape and vigor.
  • We also properly prune young and developing trees to train optimal branching patterns and structure early on.

Tools and Execution

  • The right tools in skilled hands protect both your trees and our crew. We use high-quality saws, shears, and other tools disinfected after each use. This prevents the spread of disease between trees.
  • Pruning cuts are made just outside the branch collar using proper technique. This encourages quick callusing and compartmentalization of any wounds.
  • Branches are removed with care to prevent tearing of the bark which can introduce disease. We use rope and equipment when needed to safely lower large branches.
  • In some cases, branches or limbs may be braced with cabling and hardware to preserve the tree’s form rather than removed.
  • Debris is cleaned up as we go, with safety as a priority. At job completion, the work area is left neat and tidy.

Cleanup and Aftercare Recommendations

  • All pruning debris is chipped on site if feasible or removed for disposal. Your property is left clean with no mess.
  • We assess the tree’s response to pruning and may recommend fertilization or other treatments to aid its recovery.
  • You’ll receive clear aftercare instructions for watering, monitoring the tree, and maintenance pruning schedules. We can provide disease control, cabling, and other services as needed down the road.
  • Follow-up inspections are recommended so we can evaluate the effectiveness of pruning and the tree’s health. This helps maximize the benefits from our professional work.

When performed correctly by trained arborists, pruning is extremely beneficial for your trees. Let the experts ensure it’s done right so your trees thrive!

Cost of Tree Pruning in Farmington Hills, MI

The cost of tree pruning can vary significantly based on several factors:

  • Size of the tree – Larger trees require more time, equipment, and expertise to prune compared to smaller ornamental trees. Pruning mature, established trees costs more than young or developing trees.
  • Amount and type of pruning – Removing a few small branches is quicker and cheaper than major crown reduction pruning. The specific technique used also impacts cost.
  • Location and accessibility – Pruning trees close to buildings/power lines or other hazards, or trees that are difficult to access safely, have higher costs.
  • Number of trees – We offer discounts when pruning multiple trees at once at a given location.
  • Time of year – Off-season pruning is generally cheaper than peak seasons like spring and fall.

Given these variables, the average range of pricing for tree pruning by Farmington Hills Tree Pros is:

  • Small tree pruning or minimal branch removal – $150 – $350
  • Medium tree structural/maintenance prune – $350 – $700
  • Large tree moderate crown reduction – $700 – $1,200
  • Overgrown tree major crown reduction – $1,200 – $3,000+

We provide free estimates for all jobs so you know exactly what to expect for your specific pruning needs. Please contact us today to schedule an on-site evaluation and custom quote.

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Our ISA-certified arborists use industry best practices to ensure safe, high-quality tree care.

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Our flexible scheduling makes it easy to book tree services when it’s convenient for you.

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We provide free estimates and consultations for all new customers.

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As a local company, we offer very reasonable rates on all tree services.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Farmington Hills, Michigan

FAQs About Tree Pruning in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Why should I prune my trees at all?

Pruning encourages healthy growth, removes hazards, opens up your landscape, and enhances the form and structure of trees. It’s also needed to keep trees from damaging your home. Routinely pruning trees when young trains them to grow properly as well.

How often should trees be pruned?

Most trees need maintenance pruning every 1-3 years. The frequency depends on the age, health, species and pruning goal. We create a custom schedule based on each tree’s needs.

When is the best time to prune trees?

The ideal timing depends on the tree species and your pruning objectives. Some trees are best pruned in late winter when dormant while others should be pruned just before or after flowering.

Will pruning damage or stress my trees?

Done improperly pruning can harm trees, but our ISA Certified Arborists use proper techniques and make the right cuts to invigorate trees and promote growth. It’s very beneficial when performed correctly.

Do I need to prune the entire tree or just remove certain branches?

That depends on your goals. Both selective branch removal and techniques like crown reduction/restoration are common for overall tree health and appearance. We tailor the approach to your individual trees.

How long does it take to prune a tree?

The time depends on the tree size, location, amount of pruning, equipment needed for safe access, and clean up. Most jobs take 2 – 6 hours though very large trees can take longer.

Can I prune trees near power lines myself?

For safety we recommend using professional arborists when pruning near any hazards like power lines. Proper training and equipment are mandatory to prune these trees safely.

What signs indicate a tree needs pruning?

Dead or damaged branches, limbs interfering with buildings/vehicles/power lines, excessive crown growth making the tree top heavy, loss of leaves or declining health.

Will pruning help with disease or pest problems?

By removing infected areas and improving air flow and light penetration, pruning can help reduce disease and certain pests. However severe issues may require more advanced treatment.

Do you provide additional services beyond pruning if needed?

Yes, we offer a full range of tree care services including fertilization, cabling, bracing, disease control, stump grinding and removal. We also provide emergency storm damage response.

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I used this tree service for routine pruning and maintenance on the trees on my commercial property. They did high quality work on schedule and on budget. I will continue to use them.
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