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Keeping your trees healthy and thriving requires providing them with the proper nutrients. Fertilization is a key service that supports the growth and vitality of trees on your property.

Our certified arborists in Farmington Hills, Michigan have the expertise to determine the optimal fertilizer program for your trees based on factors like species, age, soil conditions, and goals.

Proper fertilization enhances the beauty and longevity of trees while preventing issues like nutrient deficiencies, disease, pest infestations, and decline.

It restores nutrients lost through day-to-day processes and weathering. Our customized applications provide a nutritional boost when trees need it most – during growth phases in spring and fall.

Fertilizing is part of responsible tree care and preventative maintenance. When done correctly, it leads to benefits like:

  • Lusher, greener foliage
  • Improved disease/pest resistance
  • Better growth and vitality
  • Enhanced beauty and curb appeal
  • Greater longevity for your investment

Keep your trees thriving with our comprehensive fertilization service designed and applied by our ISA-certified arborists.

Process We Follow for Fertilization

We take a strategic approach to fertilizing trees on your property. Our certified arborists methodically evaluate trees and soil and develop custom applications to meet nutritional needs.

Consultation and Analysis

The first step is a thorough inspection and consultation. Our arborist will assess:

  • Tree species, age, and health
  • Canopy density and growth
  • Signs of nutrient deficiencies
  • Soil texture and pH levels
  • Environmental growing conditions

This allows us to pinpoint fertilization needs and devise solutions to address them. Different trees have different nutritional requirements at various life stages.

Customized Fertilizer Program

We develop unique fertilizer solutions tailored to your trees and landscape. This includes selecting:

  • Fertilizer type – Fast or slow-release, liquid or granular
  • Essential macro and micronutrients
  • ideal NPK ratios to target deficiencies
  • Product formulations and application methods

The program enhances natural nutrient cycles for a lasting impact on tree health and beauty. We may also prescribe soil amendments to improve nutrient availability.

Strategic Applications

Our arborists are equipped to apply both liquid and dry fertilizer products. Granular fertilizers are evenly distributed across the root zone, while liquids offer precise control for individual trees.

Spring and fall fertilization corresponds with key growth phases. Programmed follow-up apps maintain optimal nutrient levels season after season. We observe best practices for timing, quantities, and techniques.

Ongoing Monitoring

We don’t just fertilize and leave. Our experts monitor tree response through actions like:

  • Assessing foliage color, density, bud break, and shoot growth
  • Testing soil samples for changes in pH and nutrient content
  • Checking roots for signs of improved health
  • Evaluating seasonal growth flush

This allows us to adjust the program over time to ensure your trees are getting the right nutritional support.

Cost of Fertilization in Farmington Hills, MI

The cost of fertilizing your trees depends on several variables:

  • Number, size, and type of trees being fertilized
  • Extent of nutritional deficiencies
  • Soil remediation needs
  • Whether growth issues need to be corrected
  • Frequency of follow-up applications

We provide free estimates tailored to your specific needs after inspecting your landscape. As a rough guide, you can expect prices starting at around $100 for a single tree, with reduced rates for multiple trees. This covers our consultation, custom fertilizer selection, application, and follow-up monitoring.

Investing in proper fertilization pays dividends through improved tree health and longevity, adding to your property value. We offer seasonal discounts and bundled pricing with other services for cost savings.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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Our ISA-certified arborists use industry best practices to ensure safe, high-quality tree care.

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Our flexible scheduling makes it easy to book tree services when it’s convenient for you.

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As a local company, we offer very reasonable rates on all tree services.

FAQs About Fertilization in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Why does my tree need fertilization?

Fertilization replenishes vital nutrients required for growth processes. It prevents deficiencies that can compromise health. Your tree may show signs of nutrient needs like yellowing leaves, sparse canopy, or reduced shoots.

How often should I fertilize my trees?

Most trees need fertilization every 1-3 years. We tailor a schedule based on factors like species, age, soil, and climate. Plan on spring and fall apps timed with growth periods.

What signs indicate my tree needs fertilizer?

Clues your tree may be nutrient deficient include stunted growth, pale leaves, dieback, and susceptibility to pests/disease. Our experts inspect for visual symptoms and test soil to determine fertilization needs.

What fertilization method is best – liquid or granular?

Both liquid and dry fertilizer products have benefits. We choose the ideal type and application method based on your trees, landscape, and goals. Granular works well for blanket coverage, while liquid offers precise control.

How long does a tree fertilization last?

A single fertilizer application provides nutrients for 6-18 months typically. We design programs with follow-up apps to maintain optimal nutrient levels season after season.

Are there different fertilizers for different tree species?

Tree species have varying nutritional needs. We select targeted macro/micronutrient ratios and formulations ideal for the types of trees on your property. Some need more nitrogen, while others require higher levels of phosphorus, potassium, or minerals.

Should I fertilize trees in summer or winter?

Spring and fall correspond with key root and foliar growth phases, making them ideal times to fertilize. Summer heat and winter dormancy limit the benefits – your tree won’t be able to fully utilize the nutrients.

Can too much fertilizer damage my tree?

Over-fertilizing can lead to fertilizer burn, salt accumulation, and other issues. We follow best practices for fertilizer selection, quantities, application methods and timing to avoid adverse effects.

Are there organic fertilizer options?

Yes, we can apply natural organic products if desired. Options include compost teas, fish emulsions, cocoa shells, and more. Benefits include improved soil structure and microbial activity.

Should I fertilize newly planted trees?

Wait 1-2 years before fertilizing newly planted trees. Immediate fertilization encourages surface roots and excessive top growth. Establishing healthy roots takes priority the first couple of seasons.

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I used this tree service for routine pruning and maintenance on the trees on my commercial property. They did high quality work on schedule and on budget. I will continue to use them.
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