Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal In Farmington Hills, MI

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Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal Near Farmington Hills, MI

Removing a large, dying, or hazardous tree on your property can be extremely dangerous if not done properly.

Our expert team has many of experience safely removing dangerous and difficult trees in Farmington Hills, MI, and surrounding areas.

We understand that a tree that is too close to your home’s foundation, power lines, or other structures can potentially cause severe damage if it falls.

A dying or decaying tree may have weak limbs that can break off and injure people or damage roofs and vehicles.

Removing these risky trees requires special equipment, techniques, and extensive experience that our team possesses.

Our goal is to eliminate any potential danger from a hazardous tree on your property without causing any damage to your home.

We use strict safety protocols and industry best practices so that the tree comes down in a controlled manner.

Our crew wears protective gear and takes all precautions to ensure no one gets injured during the tree removal process.

We have all the required equipment such as bucket trucks, cranes, wood chippers, and stump grinders needed for safe removal of large, tall, or hard-to-access trees.

For tight access areas, we use rope and rigging techniques to disassemble the tree in sections while avoiding any adjacent structures. You can trust our tree service technicians to remove even the most problematic trees in the safest manner possible.

Removing a dangerous or dying tree can prevent thousands of dollars in property damage and liability costs.

Investing in professional tree removal from Farmington Hills Tree Pros ensures complete safety for your family while eliminating any threats the hazardous tree poses to your home or commercial property.

Process We Follow for Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal

Initial Site Evaluation

When you call us to remove a potentially hazardous tree, our first step is to schedule an appointment and thoroughly assess the tree and surrounding site conditions. We look at factors like:

  • Tree height, width, and overall size
  • Lean and direction tree may fall naturally
  • Proximity to home, power lines, fences, and other structures
  • Amount of dead branches and other defects
  • Obstructions like other trees or wires
  • Soil condition and room to work

This allows us to identify the risks involved and determine the equipment, manpower, and process needed for safe removal. We inform you of all the details so you know what to expect throughout the job.

Preparing the Work Area

Before starting the hazardous tree removal, we prep the site to avoid any unintended damage. This involves:

  • Installing safety barricades if needed
  • Removing any brush or debris around base of tree
  • Ensuring there is a clear path to bring equipment in and out
  • Padding and protecting structures like fences or AC units if necessary
  • Planning exact direction for the tree to fall

Proper planning prevents expensive accidents, so we take every precaution possible. Homeowner safety is our top priority during all phases of the job.

Tree Removal Process

When dealing with a large, dead, or dangerous tree, the techniques we use will vary based on the specific situation. Here are some of the methods we may use:

  • Roping and Rigging: For trees near buildings or that have limited space, we use rigging techniques to dismantle the tree in small, controlled sections using ropes and pulleys. This allows us to drop pieces exactly where we want away from any risks.
  • Cabling and Bracing: Install temporary cables or braces to provide additional support to weak sections of the tree before removal. This minimizes the chance of uncontrolled collapse and property damage.
  • Section Removal: Removing the tree in pieces from the top down starting with the most hazardous overhanging limbs before addressing the trunk.
  • Using a Crane: For tall trees or sites with restricted access, we may use a crane with a bucket to remove pieces safely from above.
  • Chipper: A wood chipper quickly chips the tree debris into mulch for easy clean up.

No matter which techniques are used, you can expect a smooth process with no surprises. We only perform the work once you give approval of our planned tree removal process. Safety is ensured at every step.

Clean Up and Scrap Removal

After the hazardous tree is successfully taken down, we complete the job by:

  • Cutting the trunk and branches into manageable sections
  • Running all debris through the wood chipper on site
  • Raking and gathering all leftover sawdust and chips
  • Hauling it all away in our trucks
  • Leaving your property clean and free of any tree debris

We know dealing with a large fallen tree is stressful enough. By handling the full clean up, we ensure you are not left with a big mess to manage after.

Stump Removal

Finally, we can remove the remaining tree stump by grinding it down well below ground level. This finishes the job and leaves a clean landscape. Depending on your needs, we can also just grind the visible stump or leave it in place unground.

Our goal through every step is limiting damage, cleaning up properly, and leaving your property looking beautiful after a difficult tree removal.

Cost of Commercial Fencing in Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal

Pricing for hazardous or dangerous tree removal depends on several factors:

  • Tree height and trunk diameter
  • Tree condition and structure
  • Location and potential risks involved
  • Equipment needed and crew size
  • Amount of clean up required

To give you an estimate, we come assess the tree and site, then explain what is required so you know the full scope and cost. Pricing is typically in the range of:

  • $600 – $1,200 for removing medium trees up to 60 ft tall
  • $1,500 – $3,000 for large trees from 60 ft to 100 ft tall
  • $3,000 – $6,000 for extra large trees over 100 ft tall

Keep in mind that uniformly healthy trees in open areas tend to be on the lower end. Problematic trees next to structures or power lines cost more to remove safely.

The investment is well worth eliminating danger and preventing exponentially greater costs from property damage if the hazardous tree fails.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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FAQs About Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal in Farmington Hills, Michigan

How do you determine if a tree is hazardous and needs to be removed?

We assess defects like decay and cracks, structure weaknesses like overextended limbs, and health issues like disease or infestation. Proximity to property risks is also a major factor. We inform homeowners if a tree poses unacceptable danger.

What equipment do you use for large, dangerous tree removal?

Bucket trucks, cranes, wood chippers, aerial lifts, rigging ropes, chainsaws, and other specialized gear to dismantle trees safely. We use the right tools for each unique situation.

Do you completely remove the stump after cutting down the tree?

Yes, we can grind the stump well below ground if desired. We use a stump grinder that chips away stump and roots leaving a clean landscape.

How do you ensure safety during hazardous tree removal?

Strict safety protocols like barricades, gear, no ground worker access during cuts, planned fall zone, and traffic control to stop accidents. Safety is paramount.

Do you offer emergency tree removal services for storm damage trees?

Yes, we are available 24/7 to remove dangerous storm damaged trees quickly so they don’t cause further risks. Quick response after storms is critical.

What if I need a tree removed from my neighbor’s yard that may damage my property?

We recommend politely consulting your neighbor and if needed, exploring cost sharing for removal. Offer to split the job cost to address a mutual risk.

How do you handle trees tangled in power lines?

We coordinate with the utility company to de-energize lines, then use non-conductive rigging tools to dismantle the tree safely without electrocution risk.

Are you insured if any damage occurs during the tree removal process?

Yes, we carry full liability insurance coverage. While extremely rare, any damage would be covered, giving you peace of mind.

How soon can you remove a hazardous tree once I approve the work?

In emergency cases, we can respond immediately. For non-emergencies, we can usually remove the tree within a few days or less from job approval.

What are signs that a tree is hazardous and should be removed?

Dead limbs, leaning trunk, cracks, fungus growth, damaged roots, and proximity to structures are all warning signs a tree may be hazardous. Let us inspect it.

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