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Shrub Trimming Near Farmington Hills, MI

Keeping your shrubs neatly trimmed not only enhances the beauty of your landscape, but it also promotes the health and vigor of your plants.

Overgrown shrubs can harbor pests and diseases, block sunlight from reaching interior branches, and obstruct walkways or views.

Our experienced team at Farmington Hills Tree Pros specializes in providing quality shrub trimming services to help homeowners maintain their gardens.

Proper pruning encourages blooming and fruiting while controlling plant size and shape. We prune your shrubs at the right time of year for each variety using proper horticultural techniques.

This stimulates new growth, lets air and light penetrate the canopy, and removes dead or diseased wood.

Our precision trimming gives your landscape a manicured, well-cared-for look that increases curb appeal. We handle all aspects of the job including debris cleanup.

With over 15 years of experience, our arborists have the skills to shape and thin your shrubs exactly as you desire. We take the time to understand your specific needs and work with you to achieve your vision.

Safety is also a top priority. Our crews use appropriate equipment and methods to get the job done efficiently without damaging your valuable landscaping.

We provide complete service for trimming all types of ornamental and functional shrubs, hedges, vines, roses, fruit trees, and more.

Maintaining your shrubs through proper pruning is essential for the health and appearance of your landscape.

Trust the tree care expert of ours to provide specialized shrub trimming services tailored to your unique needs and the plants on your property. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Process We Follow for Shrub Trimming

Inspection and Planning

The first step of our shrub trimming process is a thorough inspection of your landscape. Our arborists will walk your property with you to gain an understanding of your overall vision and specific objectives. We assess the age, variety, health, and growth patterns of each plant. Other factors evaluated include sunlight exposure, proximity to buildings and walkways, and desired shapes or forms.

By learning the details of your landscape and needs, we can develop a custom trimming plan tailored to each shrub’s requirements. Our experts know the proper techniques and optimal timing for pruning various plant species. We will explain our recommendations so you know what to expect. This detailed planning ensures we trim your shrubs correctly to promote healthy growth and meet your landscape goals.

Trimming Method Selection

Our team uses several methods and tools when trimming shrubs depending on the needs of each plant. Handheld manual shears provide precision and control for simpler pruning tasks and detail work. Curved blade hand pruners make clean cuts that heal quickly without crushing stems. Loppers are ideal for cutting thicker branches up to 2 inches in diameter.

For larger hedges and shrubs, we use gas-powered hedge trimmers. The reciprocating blades shear through growth up to 3/4 inch thick while leaving a clean edge. Pole pruners attached to long handles allow us to reach the tops and sides of tall hedges safely from the ground. Chain saws efficiently trim large overgrown shrubs and cut back thick old wood.

Choosing the right trimming methods and tools for each plant prevents damage while achieving the desired size and shape. Our technicians customize their techniques to fulfill the requirements of your unique landscaping. This meticulous approach yields beautiful, healthy shrubs.

Precision Trimming

Our arborists take great care while pruning to maintain the natural form of your shrubs. We trim branches at proper angles and heights to direct growth and define shape. Precise cutting encourages abundant blooming and healthy new shoots.

For formal hedges, we shear uniform sides and tops to create straight lines, flat planes, and crisp edges. Rounded forms take shape under the watchful eyes and skilled hands of our crews. We are also happy to leave some shrubs looking natural if you prefer a loose, informal style. No matter your desired look, our artful trimming helps realize the full potential of your landscape.

Clean Up

We never leave a mess after pruning your shrubs. Our teams promptly gather all debris generated during the trimming process. We use tarps to catch fallen leaves and branches so your property stays undamaged. We safely dispose of all waste according to local regulations and haul it away in our trucks.

The only thing left behind is a landscape of neatly trimmed, healthy shrubs. Our complete clean up service saves you time and hassle. We handle the clippings so you can fully enjoy the revitalized beauty of your pruned garden right away.

Safety and Quality Control

Safety and quality are top priorities during every step of our shrub trimming process. Our crews wear protective gear such as safety glasses, gloves, and hearing protection. We position ladders securely and cordon off work areas from pedestrians. Proper safety precautions protect your property, plants, and people.

Our foreman closely oversees each job site to ensure work meets our stringent quality standards. He inspects the crew’s trimming techniques, the appropriateness of tools used, and the completeness of clean up. We trim thoughtfully and carefully to promote plant health while achieving your aesthetic goals. This attention to detail is what sets our pruning services apart.

Customer Walkthrough

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our shrub trimming service, so we always offer a walkthrough when the job is complete. Accompanying the foreman, you can observe the improvements firsthand while we explain our work. We will address any remaining questions and can tweak our trimming if desired.

It is our aim to build relationships with customers. Your feedback helps us continuously refine our pruning processes. Our commitment to open communication and meeting expectations leads to longstanding partnerships with clients. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional experience from start to finish.

With our comprehensive approach, exceptional craftsmanship, and customer focus, we delivers professional shrub trimming services to enhance the beauty of your landscape. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your property’s needs.

Cost of Shrub Trimming in Farmington Hills, MI

The cost of shrub trimming depends on several factors:

  • Size of the job – Total number and size of shrubs being trimmed
  • Location – Difficulty reaching or accessing the landscaping
  • Frequency desired – One time, seasonal, or year-round maintenance
  • Additional services – Mulching, fertilization, pest control, etc.

As a full-service company, we offer complete shrub care packages in addition to trimming. Bundling services together provides value and convenience while keeping your landscape thriving.

For an average single-family home, prices start at:

  • Basic trim of 10 small ornamental shrubs – $250
  • Detailed trim of 20 medium foundation shrubs – $500
  • Hedge trimming along a 40 ft perimeter – $300
  • Seasonal trim maintenance for 15 shrubs – $375 per visit

Larger properties with expansive landscaping may cost between $800 to $2,500 or more depending on the scope of work. We provide free estimates tailored to your specific needs after assessing your landscape on-site. Our pricing is competitive, and we offer package discounts.

With Farmington Hills Tree Pros, you get professional-grade trimming services without overpaying. Our experienced crews have the efficiency, skills, and tools to complete jobs quickly while exceeding expectations for quality. Contact us today to discuss pricing options for your property’s shrub trimming needs.

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FAQs About Shrub Trimming in Farmington Hills, Michigan

When is the best time to trim shrubs?

The ideal time for trimming varies by plant species and your goals. Spring-blooming shrubs should be pruned soon after flowering. Summer or fall is better for later-blooming varieties. For managing growth, trim before a period of active expansion. Our experts know the optimal schedule.

How much should I prune my shrubs?

As a general rule, take off no more than one-third of the plant when trimming mature shrubs. Light thinning is better than dramatic cuts. Remove crossing or rubbing branches, dead wood, and inward facing growth to open up the interior. Avoid excessive trimming that leaves unsightly gaps or stubs.

Should I cut back overgrown shrubs severely?

Yes, old neglected shrubs often benefit from rejuvenation pruning to restore vigor. We cut back the oldest, tallest stems at ground level to encourage new basal growth. Gradually shorten other stems over successive seasons. Severe pruning is stressful, so only do it occasionally.

What is the proper technique for cutting branches?

Always make pruning cuts just above an outward facing bud or branch. Tearing branches leaves jagged edges. Cut at a slant 1/4 inch above the bud without leaving a stub. Avoid cutting the branch flush, which damages the bud. Proper cuts facilitate rapid callusing.

Should shrub stumps be treated after pruning?

Yes, for disease prevention treat all fresh pruning wounds over 2 inches in diameter. Our crews use tree wound dressing to seal the cut surface. Preventative treatment reduces the chance of decay entering through wounds. Keeping shrubs healthy preserves the beauty of your landscape.

Will shrubs grow back after heavy trimming?

Vigorous types like privet and yew will regrow after even severe pruning. Most shrubs readily re-leaf and bloom again with proper trimming. Remove only up to one-third of the height to avoid stressing the plant. Even very old shrubs generate new growth from the roots or remaining wood.

How often should I have my shrubs trimmed?

On average, shrubs need thinning or shaping every 2-3 years to maintain their size and health. More frequent light trimming keeps plants neat and manages growth naturally. Annual trimming is great for formal hedges and topiaries. Talk to our experts about the ideal schedule for your landscape’s needs.

Can you trim my shrubs into shapes or animal topiaries?

Absolutely! Our experienced arborists can sculpt your shrubs into all kinds of fun shapes. We use special techniques like hedge laying for intricate designs. Proper pruning coupled with wire frames shapes shrubs into spirals, boxes, spheres, and animal forms. Let us know what shapes you have in mind.

Should I fertilize shrubs after trimming them?

Yes, applying a balanced fertilizer after pruning is beneficial. Trimming stimulates new growth that needs nutrients. Give shrubs a vigorous feeding to fuel regeneration. We offer integrated fertilization and pest control with our trimming to maximize the health of your plants.

How long will it take your team to trim my shrubs?

Trimming time depends on the size of your property and number of shrubs. For example, an average home takes 2-3 hours to trim foundation plantings, prune roses, and shape ornamental shrubs. Larger yards with hedges may take 5-6 hours. We schedule enough time to meticulously trim each plant with no rush or shortcuts.

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